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Tip #8: Source the Stories

by Abby Glann One thing that will keep coming up when you run with genealogists of any sort are sources, like we talked about last time. They are just *that* important. No matter what the source, be it the 1790 United States Census confirming your fifth great grandpa’s home in Virginia or the back of […]

Tip #7: Sources, Sources, Sources

by Abby Glann By now, you have a great jump on your family research. One important thing to look for or ask for when tracing your family is sources. Sources. Sources. Sources. What’s the big deal? Sources make all the difference when someone is looking at your research, or YOU are looking at your research […]

Global Family September Newsletter

Hello Cousins, Hope your branch of the family is doing well. We wanted to give you a quick update on the Global Family Reunion, the biggest, most inclusive, most entertaining family reunion in history (all to benefit the battle against Alzheimer’s). We’ve added tens of thousands of relatives to the Big Family in the last […]

AJ Cousin Connection: Mary, Queen of Scots

by Eowyn Langholf Today’s AJ Cousin Connection is Mary, Queen of Scots! Also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, she reigned as Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567.  She was only 6 days old when her father, King James VI died and she acceded to the throne. […]

AJ Cousin Connection: Richard the Lionheart

by Eowyn Langholf  Today’s AJ Cousin Connection is Richard the Lionheart (Richard I of England).  He was born on this day, September 8, 1157 and ruled from 6 July 1189 until his death on 6 April 1199. Some things about King Richard: 1. He was the third of five sons of King Henry II and […]

Cousin Connection Tip #6 – Location, Location, Location

by Abby Glann Another week, another opportunity to find more cousins! Last week we talked about dates. Those dates are super useful for finding your family, especially if you’re using a collaborative genealogy site. Something else that is handy is finding out places. Especially when you are dealing with popular names, places can make all […]

Press Release: Global Family Reunion Seeks Genealogists To “Connect For The Cure”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:September 4, 2014 Contact:Eowyn Langholf, gfrcousincoordinator@gmail.comGLOBAL FAMILY REUNION SEEKS GENEALOGISTS TO “CONNECT FOR THE CURE”The Global Family Reunionin June 2015 is expected to be the biggest, most inclusive celebration of family connections in history. It’s also more than that: It’s about fighting Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s about connecting to find a cure! In honor […]

AJ Cousin Connection: J.R.R. Tolkien

by Eowyn Langholf  Today’s AJ Cousin Connection is author J.R.R. Tolkien who brought us the epic and wonderful world of Middle Earth (fine – I’m a little biased!).   He died on this day, September 2, in 1973. Some fun things about J.R.R. Tolkien: 1. Many people assume that Tolkien was born in England but […]

AJ Cousin Connection: Michael Jackson

by Eowyn Langholf  Today’s AJ Cousin Connection is legendary pop star Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson was a global figure in pop culture for over four decades and his legacy still carries on through his music and the dedication of his loyal fans.  Known as the King of Pop, Michael was a singer, songwriter, dancer and […]

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