How to Begin Researching your Family History

by Suzie Kolber How to Begin Researching Your Family History Studying one’s past can be an exciting adventure. You never know what stories and facts you will learn about your family genealogy during the process. One of the ways that you can make this task easier is by creating a visual “map” that you can […]

Cousin Connection Tip #10: Can I Get An Estimate?

by Abby Glann Sticking with our census theme, keep in mind census data is usually going to give you estimates. Even so, using averages, you can *usually* come to something close to the truth. If you find a census where your great Aunt Joan’s birth year comes to 1888, another where she is born 1887, […]

Cousin Connection Tip #9: What’s That Sound?

by Abby Glann Although census records are a great way to add family to your ancestors fast, there are little tips and tricks that can make them a bit more useful. One thing you should know about is the Soundex system. A lot of genealogical search engines use the Soundex to widen results to include […]

Tip #9: Common Census

by Abby Glann Sticking with the theme of sources, one great source to use to start filling in a lot of blanks fast is a census. Most areas use some sort of census to keep track of the growth of their population. The most recent one available in the US is the 1940 census, while […]

Tip #8: Source the Stories

by Abby Glann One thing that will keep coming up when you run with genealogists of any sort are sources, like we talked about last time. They are just *that* important. No matter what the source, be it the 1790 United States Census confirming your fifth great grandpa’s home in Virginia or the back of […]

Tip #7: Sources, Sources, Sources

by Abby Glann By now, you have a great jump on your family research. One important thing to look for or ask for when tracing your family is sources. Sources. Sources. Sources. What’s the big deal? Sources make all the difference when someone is looking at your research, or YOU are looking at your research […]

Cousin Connection Tip #6 – Location, Location, Location

by Abby Glann Another week, another opportunity to find more cousins! Last week we talked about dates. Those dates are super useful for finding your family, especially if you’re using a collaborative genealogy site. Something else that is handy is finding out places. Especially when you are dealing with popular names, places can make all […]

Cousin Connection Tip #5: Getting a Date

by Abby Glann Hi Cousins! As you are going along entering your family in one of the fantastic collaborative genealogy sites we talked about last week, an important thing to include are dates. This may seem obvious to some but not so much to others.They make a huge difference when trying to connect with others, […]

Cousin Connection Tip #4: Collaborate!

Post by Abby Glann Hello Cousins! So far, we’ve interviewed our family, put together a pedigree chart so we can easily see our tree, and we’ve started on those family group sheets which help keep track of all the little details associated with our various families. I hope you’ve got a binder or something for […]

Cousin Connection Tip #3 – The Family Group Sheet

Hello Cousins! We’ve got another tip for you this week. After putting all your grandparents in order last week, you may be left with information on all their children; not just your parents. What are you supposed to do with that? Is it really useful to you? Of course it is! You’ll soon learn as […]

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